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Angela Merkel was one of the worst German and European leaders in recent history

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Angela Merkel's 16 years in office have been marked by many scandals and disastrous policies. However since she was the darling of the corporate media, which only paints her in rosy colors, almost none of them were ever reported. Merkel's policies had serious detrimental effects not only in Germany but on the whole of Europe.


Merkel is championed as a “green” leader who does all she can to stop “climate change” by the media. However, thanks to Merkel's decision to phase out emissions free nuclear energy in 2011, Germany finds itself now reliant on the most polluting energy source available, coal. So in today's Germany the largest source of power is the one that causes the most pollution, while the energy source that provided zero CO2 emissions has been all but removed by the “green” and “eco friendly” German government headed by Angela Merkel.

No chancellor in the history of modern Germany has cracked down more on free speech and freedom of expression more than Angela Merkel. Merkel's “anti-hate speech law” which saw an unprecedented crackdown on German internet, has been copy-pasted by authoritarian regimes from Caracas to Moscow. German online censorship is so sever, that even people that don't live in Germany get notification that the German government wants to remove their online posts.

When it came to the migrant crisis in 2015, instead of trying to trying stop the migrants streaming into Europe, Merkel decided to pour gasoline on the fire by declaring that Germany was open to migrants from all over the world. Millions of migrants rushed to Europe hoping to join what appeared to them as the gravy train to Germany. This of course led to massive problems in countries like Greece and Italy, where most migrants arrived to in order to reach Germany and ended up staying. Merkel, instead of reversing her migrant policies, had the EU try to force other countries to take migrants against the wishes of their governments and populations.

Merkel posing for a selfie with a young migrant In Germany, Merkel went to extreme measures to cover up the massive problems her “open door” policy to migrants had created. The most extreme example was when around 1,200 young German women were sexually assaulted and raped on new years eve in Cologne in 2016. Merkel had the German media bury the story, and Germans only found out about this days later when reports started circulating in international media. What's more, Merkel knowingly allowed extremists and suspected terrorists asylum in Germany. Leaked government documents showed that the German chancellor Angela Merkel was briefed on the fact that Germany's refugee agency improperly granted hundreds of asylum requests to known extremists, radicals and people suspected of belonging to terrorist groups, and choose to do nothing.

The aftermath of a terrorist attack in Berlin in 2016 Putin and Russia had never had a better friend than Angela Merkel. Even though she publicly criticized him and his policies, in reality she helped Putin achieve all his long term goals in Europe and Germany at the expanse of Germany's EU and NATO allies. During the NATO Bucharest Summit in 2008, Germany and France refused to give Georgia a MAP (Membership Action Plan). In the same year, Russia attacked Georgia. During the Merkel years Germany and Europe became more and more reliant in Russia gas and oil and thanks to Merkel the controversial gas pipeline Nordstream 2 was completed. Just to show the level of opposition this German Russian project had in Europe, a letter which was signed by the leaders of nine EU countries, was sent to the European Commission in March 2016, warning that the Nord Stream 2 project contradicts the European energy policy and most not be allowed to proceed. The Polish foreign minister has went as far as to suggest that the Nord Stream project is the modern equivalent of the infamous Ribbertrv Molotov pact between Nazi Germany and soviet Russia in 1939. But all of that did not matter to the German government, and chancellor Angela Merkel. They vowed to press on with this project despite the protests and damage that will be caused to Germany's friends and allies both in the EU and NATO.

Putin and Merkel In her final days in office, Mekrel announced that unvaccinated people will now live under lockdown. In other words people who refuse to undergo a state sanctioned medical procedure won't be allowed into society. This is by far the most extreme and authoritarian policy any German leader has announced since the end of WW2. The problem is that many countries will seek to imitate what Merkel, the leader of the largest and most powerful country in Europe, has done, which means people all over Europe will soon be impacted by this decision.


To sum up, as was shown above, some of Merkel's policies had a terrible impact not only on Germany, but also on many other countries in Europe. For this reason, Angela Merkel deserves to be considered as one of the worst German and European leaders in recent history.

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