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Thanks to 'eco' Angela Merkel, Germany is now using coal as their largest source of energy

Angela Merkel is the perfect example of how a “green” leader can cause its country to rely of the most polluting energy source available. Decades before, Germany used to get more than 25% of its energy from nuclear plants, which produced zero CO2 emissions. But instead of increasing zero emissions nuclear energy, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on 30 May 2011, that Germany's 17 nuclear power stations will be shut down by 2022, in a policy reversal following Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

This meant that Germany would have to generate its electricity from other sources. The German government promised that this would come from “green” and “renewable” sources. The German government did substantially increased their energy from green sources like wind farms, which now account for around 25% of Germany's energy production, however, that proved not to be enough. Fast forward to 2021. Germany, as well as the rest of Europe, are dealing with an energy crisis which is the result of unreliable green (mostly wind) energy. Lack of winds causes lack of energy to be produced by wind farms In Germany and all over Europe. In today's Germany, “green” and “renewable” energy producers can't meet the demand that was caused by the loss of nuclear power. So what does Merkel and Germany's gov do? They turned to coal. In 2021 coal is now the largest source of energy in the country.

Coal, in case people didn't know, produces more pollution than any other energy source. So in today's Germany the largest source of power is the one that causes the most pollution, while the energy source that provided zero CO2 emissions has been all but removed by the “green” and “eco friendly” German government headed by Angela Merkel.


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