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No, ISIS Never Apologized For Attacking Israel

Many social media posts claim that ISIS apologized to Israel after attacking an IDF position in the Golan Heights in 2017. This is used by many people, and bots, as "proof" to claim that "ISIS is Israel", or at the very least state that ISIS are under the control of Israel.

There is just one problem with this, ISIS never apologized to Israel for attacking it or its army. Not a single official or anyone linked to the terrorist group has ever issued the said apology. So who did apologize? Actually it was an Israeli former top IDF general and former defence minister, Moshe Yaalon. He stated in 2017 that ISIS apologized to Israel after they launched an "unintentional attack" from Syria on IDF forces in Israel. Not one piece of evidence was offered by Yaalon, the IDF or Israeli official to corroborate this quite unbelievable statement. All we have is literally Yaalon's word and nothing else. But let's say Yaalon wasn't lying and ISIS were really intimidated by Israel and its might enough to even apologize for allegedly attacking it, or that it was really under the control of Israel as so many bots and people on social media insist, that would mean that ISIS would never attack Israel again, right? The problem is that since then ISIS have launched numerous terrorist attacks inside Israel, with many of them foiled by Israeli security services, but at least one of them succeeded and resulted in many Israeli casualties.

Basically the same people who say you can't believe a single word the IDF or any Israeli official says seemingly have no problem in believing whatever the IDF or Israeli officials say, no matter how preposterous or outlandish, when it suits their narrative. Josef Goebbels, Nazi Germany's minster of propaganda, once said if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth. In our day, if a social media bot posts a lie enough times it becomes a fact.

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