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Facebook is actively promoting Chinese propaganda while censoring criticism of China

For the first time in 9 years a meme criticizing China was removed by FB from Dispropaganda page. The meme depicted a scene from the movie “Borat” where Borat was complaining about his neighbor being a “pain in my assholes”. The flag of the people's republic of China adorned Borat's neighbors face while all over Borat were plastered the flags of China's neighbors.

The meme was a humorous way of criticizing China's often brutal and constant harassment of its neighbors, from Tibet to Australia. Facebook decided that this playful meme was “violating our standards on Hate Speech.” and removed along with a warning that it will unpublish the page as whole in the very near future.

The same meme was used by me just the day before to criticize Russia and how it treats its neighbors. That meme, which is an exact copy of the removed Chinese meme, was not removed by FB.

Now as admin of Disporpganda FB page I have posted countless of memes criticizing China over the last 9 years. Not once has FB removed ANY of them. In fact it always felt that no matter how insane and arbitrary FB censorship progressively grew over the years, you were still allowed to criticize despotic and totalitarian regimes like the one in China. Not anymore apparently. This appears to be part of a larger effort by FB to clamp down and remove criticism of China and the Chinese Communist party. Very recently many pages and accounts which have been criticizing China and the CCP for years now have been censored and removed by FB. The best example of this is the FB page “Freedom for Taiwan” with almost 200,000 followers. It reported that FB had removed one of its posts and had sent it a warning that its post reach would be restricted from now on and that it might be unpublished altogether in the very near future.

Years ago content had to be reported by people and reviewed by other people in order for FB to take it down. But these days the FB AI, which is responsible for 95% of all the content which is taken down on FB, is the sole prosecutor, judge and executioner and it takes down whatever it wants with almost no chance to appeal the decision. But the AI only follows the guidelines that were programmed into it, and those guidelines most have been changed very recently in order for it to track down and remove posts criticizing the CCP. Why would FB do that? As we all know FB is blocked in China, however Chinese companies pour billions of dollars into FB on a yearly basis when they buy ads. This number is growing by the year and represents a huge share of FB's ad profits. The Chinese Communist party can order Chinese companies to stop advertising on FB and thus deprive FB billions of dollars in profit on a yearly basis. It's important to note that FB freely allows pages and accounts belonging to the CCP to freely post videos and statements denying the ongoing genocide happening to Uyghurs in Xinjiang and other CCP propaganda. For instance, instead of showing the reality of millions of Uyghurs who are being locked up in concentration camps simply because of their race and religion, the CCP through FB is gaslighting the world into thinking the Uyghurs are living carfree wonderful lives without any repression whatsoever and if anyone says otherwise they're lying. Below are just a few samples from the Official Chinese Spokeperson account on FB and the Chinese embassy in the US.

So as you can see FB not only allows to free dissemination of CCP propaganda, but is now actively trying to shut down any criticism of the CCP and its past and ongoing crimes against humanity. This makes FB, the largest social media platform in the world, defacto part of the CCP's propaganda machine, and this should worry everyone in the free world.

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