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Discrimination against unvaccintaed people is the new racism

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In apartheid South Africa they had “whites only beaches”, today we have “vaccinated only” areas. An extremely disturbing sign appeared on a beach chair on Tel Aviv yesterday. “For vaccinated people only”. This wasn't a prank or just some person's idea of a joke, this was placed there by the Israeli authorities, as part of an ongoing campaign to force people to get the covid 19 vaccine. Many on social media questioned the image, arguing it was photoshopped or manipulated but a video which was shot from a different angle confirms its authenticity.

Currently in Israel, unvaccinated people are not allowed to go to gyms, theaters, sporting events, concerts and many other places which are open only to vaccinated people. The Israel helath minister has stated that anyone unwilling or unable to get the vaccine will be “left behind". Israeli citizens are now being actively discriminated by their own government. What's their crime? They do not want to be vaccinated, or in other words, get injected with an experimental new drug whose long term effects are still unknown and will remain unknown for years to come. The media completely forgets to mention this fact when it talks about the vaccines. Just to remind everyone Covid 19 vaccines, especially those that use the new mRNA technology from Moderna and Pfizer, have never been tested for long term effects and may have long term adverse effects. If people want to take part in this biggest medical experiments in history, where tens millions of people are receiving a drug without knowing its long term effects, they are free to do so. But forcing people and coercing them into taking that new drug by turning them into essentially second class citizens is unethical, immoral, illegal and racist.

What is currently going on in Israel, but will soon be implemented worldwide, is a new type of institutionalized racism which discriminates one person from another not because of their skin color, but because of their blood. People who are already vaccinated think to themselves “So what, I had my shot, this does not concern me”, but what they fail to understand is that these vaccines are not a one time thing or do they give them lasting protection from discrimination. “Experts” and “journalists” in the media who act as surrogates for Pfizer and Moderna spokespeople are already talking about a third “booster” shot which is needed to combat the new “variants” of the virus, and also of having to be vaccinated every six months or so. People who will refuse to that will lose their rights and privileges and will end up becoming second class citizens just like those who were never vaccinated at all. Israel is not alone in doing this, as many other countries are implementing their own systems of institutionalized discrimination and coercion in order to force people to get vaccinated or be treated as second class citizens. However it seems ironic that Israel is leading the way in segregating people and creating a society where those who have governmnet appoved "blood certificate" behave as “superior people” and those who don't are barred from entering different areas and are treated as being “inferior” and are actively being discriminated by the state.

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