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South Africa proves herd immunity is possible

Herd immunity is achievable according to South African scientists. South Africa proved that achieving herd immunity against covid 19 is not an impossible action, and does not mean the deaths of large proportion of the population, as the WHO and medical experts warn. A series of studies revealed the existence of high infection rates population centers all over S Africa like in the provinces of Western Cape and Gauteng. Ironically enough this was achieved by the imposition of a hard lockdown all across SA, a lockdown whose only purpose was to stop the spread of the disease. the country's leading vaccinologist, Professor Shabir Mahdi, said that he believed the coronavirus had stimulated a level of immunity in approximately 12 to 15 million people. "What has happened in SA today, the only way to explain it, the only plausible way to explain it is that some sort of herd immunity has been reached when combined with the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions... like the wearing of masks, physical distancing, ensuring ventilation when indoors and so on."

Professor Shabir Mahdi.

Virologists like Dr Marvin Hsiao were surprised to find that on average 40% of respondents had developed coronavirus antibodies with the majority being unaware that they had been infected. Preliminary indications from a similar study in Gauteng, which contains the country's largest city, Johannesburg, reveal that approximately one third of those tested had been infected.

"Inexplicably, the numbers (of those infected with COVID-19) started dropping off at the end of July, and at the time I couldn't explain why," said Dr Hsiao.

"But when we analysed the data it become clear, this immunity within the population level (linked to) the big surge infections is probably the main reason why we've seen the decrease of numbers of infected."

The fact that that top South African sceintists believe that their country have reached a level of collective immunity in their country seems to contradict a study by researchers at Imperial College, London, who argued that herd immunity cannot be realistically achieved. The researchers at Imperial College have been known to be wrong on on many previous occasion regarding their predictions, models and studies relating to Covid19, most notably their debunked and deeply flawed model which led to the adoption of the disastrous lockdown measure as the de facto measure in handling the spread of Covid19. According to South Africa, the achievement of the herd immunity does not mean the “death of millions” as predicted by medical experts, and can be reached after a relatively short amount of time. South Africa recorded to date over 19,000 death from covid 19, out of a population of nearly 60 million, which puts it in a very good place comparing to many other countries which went into lockdown, and are going into lockdown again.

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