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US Bans Communists from becoming American citizens

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Communists are no longer welcomed in the USA. The Trump administration has decided to bar Communist Party members from immigrating into the country, according to new policy guidance issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) last Friday. Communist Party members will now be ineligible to immigrate to the US, according to new US Citizenship and Immigration Services policy guidance document. The latest policy guideline covers the Communist Party from "any foreign state, or of any political or geographical subdivision of any foreign state." Members of any totalitarian party will also be barred from immigrating to the US. “In general, unless otherwise exempt, any intending immigrant who is a member or affiliate of the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party … domestic or foreign, is inadmissible to the United States.” The policy document clearly says, that the ground for inadmissibility in or affiliation with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian regime, is a part of the broader set of laws passed by US Congress to address threats to the safety and security of the United. The USCIS guidance included an exemption for involuntary membership, such as for people who become a member under the age of 16, or those who join the party for the purposes of obtaining employment, food rations or other living necessities.

Many see this move as a direct challenge to China, which has almost 90 million members in its Communist Party. This decision comes in the backdrop of a growing gulf between the USA and China over a spate of issues ranging from trade to coronavirus to Hong Kong security legislation and Bejing's purported treatment of its religious minority in Uygur autonomous region. The law effectively blocks members of the Chinese Communist Party from ever obtaining permanent residency or citizenship of the US. Almost all Chinese government officials are members of the Communist Party, as are most executives of state-owned enterprises and officials at public institutions. In fact almost anyone of importance in China, from businessman to academics are members of the CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party

The gross number that is estimated for the totality of people who were murdered, starved or just died thanks to Communism being implemented in their country, is around 100 million people. The most disastrously effected country by Communism was the People's Republic of China, where under Mao Zedong some 45 – 60 million people were starved to death and murdered. In the USSR, under Lenin and later Stalin, at least 50 million people were starved and murdered.In Cambodia, under Pol Pot, one quarter of the whole population (some 2 million people) was starved and murdered. In other countries like in Cuba and North Korea, the Communist dictators mainly used their absolutist power to accumulate huge personal wealth, while the local population was reduced to starving.

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