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The EU is a not a democracy, it's the opposite

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

The EU and its governing bodies are the opposite of a democratically accountable organisation and institution.

In fact the people who run the EU are never on the ballot paper in the EU elections, which consequently means that the EU elections which are being held every 5 years don't really matter, and are a farce and a mockery of democractic process. The reason why the EU elections don't really matter is because the people who are voted into parliament, the MEPs, can't initiate legislation, only approve it. The EU parliament is arguably the only parliament in the world (except maybe North Korea's) where members of parliament are not allowed to make laws or initiate legislation. That's right, MEPs (Members of European Parliament) cannot make or write laws, they do have the theoritical power of sending back laws which they do not approve to the commission, but that power stays in the theoretical plane and is almost never exercised. And even in the very rare instance that the law is sent back to the commission, it will be presented again in the parliament a short time later, with cosmetic and minor changes to be rubber stamped. So who does make the laws in the EU you may ask?

The EU parliament.

The institution that actually makes the laws in the EU is not the democratially elected members of parliament, but the unleceted European Commissioners. The EU have unelected EU “commissioners”, who are usually comprised of 28 ex politicians (some of whom with dubious past records regarding corruption and other scandals) from all across Europe, who are appointed, not elected, into their positions and they are the ones that draw up the laws and pass it on to the parliament to be rubber stamped. This is stated in the EU's own website: "The Commission submits a legislative proposal to the Parliament and Council, who must agree on the text in order for it to become EU law." However, these unelected commissioners who hold the real power in the EU don't just stop at making laws for the rest of Europe. They routinely violate the sovereignty and independence of European nation states and tell democratically elected governments like in Poland, Hungary, Greece and Italy which laws they can or can't pass in their own countries and what they can or can't do with their national budgets.

Banner of the European Commission, on the Berlaymont building in Brussels.

Furthermore, the EU Parliament has no role in determining who will head the the two major institutions EU, the EU commission and the European council, and all the other top jobs in the EU which which end up being staffed by people no one voted for. Of course the EU parliament puts on a great show sometimes, and even engages in “debates” about laws and might even sometimes send back laws to the commissioners to be “amended”, but at the end of the day it is a parliament of puppets, toothless and worthless, which does not represent the interests of the people of Europe. But all of this of course does not stop the corporate pro EU mass media - many of which like "EURONEWS" and the British "Channel 4" receive direct funding from the EU commission - from portraying the EU as a democratic popular institution that represents the people of Europe.

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