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After infecting Europe with Coronavirus, China sold Europe defective testing kits

After infecting Europe with Corona virus, China is now selling European countries Corona virus testing kits that don't work. The Czech Republic stopped using Corona virus tests, which Chinese propaganda claimed were a “gift” but in reality the Czech government paid the Chinese government 54 million korunas (almost 2 million Euro), because of an 80% error rate. Up to 80 percent of the 300,000 rapid coronavirus test kits that the Czech Republic recieved from China are not working properly, according to regional hygienists who have tried the tests. The test kits show false positive as well as negative results. This is because the Chinese rapid tests cannot reliably detect infection in its initial phase.

The information came from hygienists from University Hospital Ostrava in the east of the country. Health officials thus labeled the rapid Corona virus tests as unreliable as they allegedly failed in 80 percent of cases. As an example, health experts described a case of a man who tested positive for coronavirus, but the following test showed that he was not infected. Czech officials have downplayed the low accuracy rate of the testing kits, suggesting that the kits can still be used in some situations, like when the virus is in its later stages. In an attempt to to save face and avoid the public wrath the politicians in the Czech health ministery try to tell people that the tests work. However medical experts in Czechia insist these tests are useless when trying to determine whether a person has Corona virus.

Prague under a Coronavirus lockdown.

Spain also bought 640,000 testing kits from China, only to find out that all of them are defective and not up to standards. Microbiology experts in Spain are warning that the rapid coronavirus tests that the country bought from China are not consistently detecting positive cases. Studies on the tests done in Spain found that they have only 30% sensitivity, which means they only correctly identify 30% of people with the virus. The problem is that the tests should have a sensitivity of more than 80%. The US Centers for Disease Control says that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires rapid tests for influenza to have 80% sensitivity. These studies prompted the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology to formally recommend that these tests are not to be used. Health workers are now instead meant to use other tests that take longer to give a result. Spain has announced that it is sending back the first batch of Covid-19 testing kits that it received from China due to the incredibly high error rate of the kits. The Chinese embassy has responded quickly to the news, explaining that the batch of faulty kits was not part of the 423 million euro deal that the two countries recently signed, which includes 5.5 million testing kits, but had instead come from an unlicensed provider. That company, Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, was not on the list of certified providers that China offered to Spain and has not even been licensed to sell its products by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, the embassy said.

Spain under a Coronavirus lockdown. Turkey and the Philippines also reported problems with their made in China Coronavirus testing kits. The problems are the same as Czech Republic and Spain reported, that the tests are highly inaccurate and are basically worthless.

The fact that Chinese testing kits prove to be worthless should raise alarm over the numbers and data recieved from China regarding the patient number and the fact that China is now saying there are no more Corona virus infection cases in mainland China.

The Chinese Communist Party infected Europe, and the whole world, with the Corona virus - after it covered up its existence and allowed it to spread to other countries and the world at large - is now selling to the infected countries in Europe faulty testing kits which fail to identify the virus and end up costing even more lives. Even by the CCP's standards, this is still unbelivable.

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