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Trump's 'peace plan' is really a peace sham

Trump's “peace plan” is the Palestinian state death plan. U.S president Donald Trump announced today, symbolically flanked by Israeli prime minister and without any Palestinian representation, his “peace plan” to end the ongoing Israeli – Palestinian conflict. The problem is that his “peace plan” will not end it, it will exacerbate it. Under the Trump plan not a single Israeli illegal settlement will be dismantlement. Israel has been building them since 1967, after it occupied the West Ban in the six day war.

Their first purpose was to import hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers into internationally recognized occupied Palestinian territory and steal those lands from the Palestinians by building Jewish only towns and cities on top of them. Their second purpose was to cut through and break up the West Bank with blocks of isolated Jewish only settlements and outposts, which are then linked with Jewish only roads (Palestinians ar forbidden to drive on these roads which are built on their lands) to larger Jewish only settlement blocks already inside the West Bank, with those already connected to Israel proper. The ultimate purpose of the Israeli settlement project was to carve up the West Bank and make sure that the idea of a Palestinian state with territorial integrity will never become a reality.

In fact the settlements turn the whole West Bank into a “Bantustan”, like the one in Apartheid South Africa, with Jewish only roads and Jewish only areas where the local population is barred from entering or traveling to. To highlight how it would be impossible for the Palestinian to have any sort of sovereign state on their own territory here's a map that the Israeli Defense minister tweeted today, which doesn't even show all the settlements just how the major ones cut through the Palestinian territory. White areas are Jewish only Israeli settlements and roads, black is Palestinian territory and blue is terretory Israel has announced it will annex.

Ironically he and a big part of the Israeli society are outraged that any sort of territory would be given to the Palestinians, and demand the annexation of the whole West Bank. What Trump's “peace plan” is proposing is a "two-state solution" in name only, not lasting peace that will fulfill Palestinians’ aspirations for self-determination. There can be no Palestinian state which has hundreds of thousands of Israelis living on Jewish only illegal settlements traveling on Jewish only roads in the heart of Palestinian territory. This how the final Palestinian state will look like according to Trump's peace plan, a disconnected and fragmented territorial entity, surrounded on all sides by an Israeli hostile state, without territorial integrity or continuation, cut of from any other Arab nation, crisscrossed by Israeli settlements and roads, in short, a nightmare for Palestinians.

Under this deal, Palestinians will have a fraction of historic Palestine, stripped of water, resources, the right to a military or any real sovereignty and with millions of Palestinian refugees unable to return to their lands and homes while all the illegal Israeli settlements and land theft which has been occuring since 1967 will be legitimised. The Palestinians will never accept this "peace plan" with good reason, and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or just doesn't know what he's talking about. Far from solving the Israeli Palestinian conflict this "peace plan", or peace sham, will likely compound it even further, while playing into Israel's ongoing propaganda effort of portraying the Palestinians as the ones who don't really want "peace".

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