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Putin rewrites history, says USSR's 1939 invasion of Poland 'saved lives'

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Putin's attempts to reinvent WW2 history continues. Today, at a public speech he gave in St. Petersburg, Putin continued his campaign of trying to distort, manipulate and rewrite the history of WW2, specifically of how Soviet Russia and their Nazi German allies invaded Poland in 1939 and started WW2. “Actually, the fact that the Red Army’s units entered there (Poland) saved many lives of the local population.” He went on to add that “The Red Army did not wage any hostilities with anyone there; they were not fighting with the Poles. “ These are lies of course, seeing how Polish units engaged invading Russian Soviet forces in combat, but to claim that the USSR invasion of Poland “saved lives” is not even a lie, it's a preposterous and frankly an insane thing to say, that is if you know anything about the history of WW2. In fact these lies echo previous 1939 Stalinist propaganda, of how the USSR invaded Poland in order to "defend to local population".

Some historical facts about the Soviet Russian occupation of Poland: 1939: Soviet Russia invaded Poland along with their Nazi allies, imprisoned 500k and deported 1,700,000 million Poles to Russia.

1940: Soviet Russia murdered 22K Poles including 8K POWs in the notorious Katyn massacre (depicted in the picture).

1944: Soviet Russia refused to help Warsaw Uprising (which resulted in the deaths of 200K Poles) after previously encouraging the rising and promising help, and raped over 100k Polish women during the reoccupation of Poland.

1945-55: Soviet Russia installed a murderous Stalinist regime which many found to be worse than the German occupation, and which tortured, gulaged, imprisoned and murdered millions of Poles.

Fragment from the documentary "The Soviet Story" about the Soviet invasion of Poland.

A few weeks ago Putin stated that Poland was in fact Nazi Germany's ally in 1939, working hand in glove in order to help it, adding that it was the Polish government, not Soviet Russia or Stalin, that helped Hitler destroy Poland, stating that "...the leaders of those countries, including Poland, at that time, actually threw their people under the chariot of Nazi Germany’s military machine." Putin was actually blaming Poland for... invading Poland!

This is nothing new, in the last several months there has been a concentrated effort from Putin and the Kremlin to fabricate, if not completely rewrite Russian/Soviet history when it concerns the outbreak of WW2, and to erase the USSR's role in invading Poland in 1939 along with the Nazi Germany, and helping Hitler start WW2.




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