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Meet Ursula von der Leyen, the EU's new German Kanzler.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The EU has nominated its new leader, the German minister Ursula von der Leyen. A reminder, she never participated in any EU elections nor was she in any EU party which took place in any EU elections. She never in her life received one single vote from any European citizen, and yet this is the woman that will become in effect the leader of the EU. What a glorious democracy the EU is! Some background on her: she's Germany's defense minister and the longest-serving member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Cabinet. In 2009 she led the family ministry and the social affairs ministry before becoming defense minister in 2013. She's not just some random German politician, but a key part and component of the German government for over a decade. It's not an exaggeration to say that it's not just a German politician that will run Europe from now on, but the German government itself, via Ursula von der Leyen, which has been part of it and its long term agenda and policies for for over a decade now. Her most important ally is Angela Merkel, whom von der Leyen has stuck by through thick and thin. Merkel has returned the loyalty by leaving von der Leyen in place despite mounting problems at the defense ministry — and by backing her for the Commission leadership. It is obvious where her allegiance and loyalty lies and who's agenda she will serve, and it's not to the nation states and the people of Europe.

But what did she do in her time in the German government? The answer is not much, and nothing good. She is credited by many experts in Germany of running the German army into the ground, with colossal mismanagement and outright corruption. The “Bundestag”, the German parliament, is currently holding hearings into the affair, including accusations that von der Leyen’s office circumvented public procurement rules in granting contracts worth millions of euros to the firms. Those hearings have taken a dramatic turn in recent days as testimony from key witnesses appeared to confirm suspicions of systematic corruption at the ministry. But what are her ideological and political views? Well to put it bluntly, she's not a meek conservative as she portrays herself, but an EU federalist fanatic, whose professed aim is on “uniting Europe”, which will include the removal the nation states of Europe and creating a European army.

"My aim is the United States of Europe — modelled on federal states like Switzerland, Germany or the U.S.," she told German media in 2011. She repeated her call for a federal EU in an interview with Die Zeit in 2016, adding: "I imagine the Europe of my children or grandchildren not as a loose union of states trapped by national interests." As defense minister, she pushed for greater security cooperation in the EU, urging a "defense union" and calling for the establishment of an "army of Europeans." To sum up, an unelected, unaccountable (she can't be sacked) corrupt and incompetent German minister, who will serve the interests of Angela Merkel and the German government and not the people of Europe, who wants to see a “united Europe” with a “European army” and the elimination of the nation states (her own words) will soon become the leader of the EU.

In case people forgot, a united Europe under German or French domination has been tried in the past, with disastrous consequences to everyone, including Germany and France. Yet most people seem to forget what had happened not so long ago, and are more than willing to give it another try.

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