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NBC's Andrea Mitchell spread fake news about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

NBC's news and MSBNC most senior correspondent Andrea Mitchell managed to spread fake news about WW2 and about the holocaust. In a live broadcast she states that the famous 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising of Polish Jews was against "the Polish and Nazi regime.”


This blatant lie and distortion of history of course infuriated many Poles, Jews and many other people who protested this historical level fake news and outright fabrication of history.




As anyone who has read even a WIKI article about this would know that the ghetto rising was the Polish Jews last armed stand against the Nazi Germans who wanted to liquidate them all. There was no “Polish regime” during WW2, and of course the Jews in the Ghetto never fought against one. Poland was occupied during those years by Nazi Germany (and by Soviet Russia until 1941) and the Poles refused to cooperate in any way with the German Nazi occupation of their country and set up a collaborationist “Vichy regime” like in France and in like many other occupied countries during those years. The Poles did play a part in the Warsaw ghetto uprisng, but not the one Andrea Mitchell and NBC fake news repeated.

SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Stroop the German Nazi commander watching housing blocks burning during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

After the Jews launched their Ghetto uprising, Polish underground units tried to come to their aid and attacked German soldiers outside the Ghetto and attempted to penetrate the Ghetto walls and join in the fight inside the ghetto on numerous times.

Before and during the ghetto uprising in 1943, the AK (Polish underground) provided around 600 weapons (rifles, guns and grenades) to the rising. In those times every rifle was worth its weight in gold. After the ghetto rising was over, AK units managed to penetrate the ghetto and evacuated the survivors while suffering heavy casualties in the evacuation.

Many of those Polish Jews that survived the Ghetto rising joined the Polish underground and fought in its ranks against the German occupiers. Quite the opposite of what Andrea reported about how the "Jews in the Ghetto were fighting against the Polish regime." A day later Andrea Mitchell sort of, kind of, apologized for her lies. Mitchell tweeted this "I misspoke on the show yesterday when I discussed the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. To be clear, the Polish government was not involved in these horrific acts. I apologize for the unfortunate inaccuracy."


But even that half hearted “sorry not sorry” apology was rejected by many people online as being, insincere, disingenious and frankly lame.


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