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Angela Merkel's secret Communist past.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Not many people are aware the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the “leader of the free world” as some far left journalists in main stream media like to refer to her, was a Communist agitator who's job was to spread Communist propaganda and brainwash her fellow Germans in East Germany. Among the photo-shopped images of her displayed online, satirically portraying her in Nazi uniform, there is one genuine photograph. It shows her wearing the uniform of the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ), the East German Communist equivalent of the Hitler Youth or Soviet Young Pioneers, in company with other members of the GDR nomenklatura. Even though Merkel was never an official member of the East German Communist party, she was an ardent supporter of the Marxist cause, and did everything she could to support it. As a young adult Merkel joined the Communist Free German Youth movement which was described as the German socialist answer to the Hitler Youth, a youth movement whose main goal was to indoctrinate the unsuspecting minds of its young adults followers. As a young women she voluntarily joined the “Freie Deutsche Jugend” (FDJ) youth organization at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin. Her role in was to supervise and promote Communist propaganda which was meant to brainwash her fellow students.

Angela Merkel in a FDJ uniform

Tellingly enough, Merkel never protested against Communism or against the GDR's communist leaders through the 1980s while so many others in East Germany did. Merkel was seldom interrogated about her Communist past for most of her political career: in Germany, too many people have sensitive histories involving personal or family service of one form of totalitarianism or another for such questioning to be considered good form. Most of these revelations about Merkel's Communist past and conditioning come from a biography which was written by journalists Günther Lachmann and Ralf Georg Reuth called "The First Life of Angela M." The book quotes Gunter Walther, a former colleague of hers at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin, as saying she had been secretary for "Agitation and Propaganda" in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ) youth organization at the institute.

Merkel in her younger days in Eastern Germany.

Merkel admitted to her former FDJ involvement, but insisted her activities were purely “cultural”, involving mainly the purchase of theatre tickets and organizing book readings. But former German Transport Minister Günther Krause, an eastern German politician and former minister who worked with her in the final months of the GDR the early 1990s, contradicts her in the book and says she propagated Marxism-Leninism. In an interview he gave to German media he talked about Merkel and her role in brainwashing and indoctrinating Germans with Communist propaganda in eastern Germany:

"With Agitation and Propaganda you're responsible for brainwashing in the sense of Marxism. That was her task and that wasn't cultural work. Agitation and Propaganda, that was the group that was meant to fill people's brains with everything you were supposed to believe in the GDR, with all the ideological tricks. And what annoys me about this woman is simply the fact that she doesn't admit to a closeness to the system in the GDR.”


To be clear, present day Angela Merkel is no Communist leader or dictator, she is the democratically elected head of a democratic, capitalist country. However, a lot of her policies regarding Germany and Europe such as her open borders policy, crackdown on free speech, unrestricted flow of third world migrants into Germany and Europe, her support for the abolishment of the nation state and replacing it with a transnational European “union”, not to mention her utter hatred of German nationalism or any nationalism in any form, could all be easily classed as “Cultural Marxism” and as a product of her early years serving as a Soviet agitator in the GDR.

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