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Lenin, the Communist mass murderer that owned nine Rolls-Royce.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias "Lenin", is still revered by many people worldwide as a revolutionary hero who stood up to “western imperialism” and for being one of the founders of Communism.

However, what is almost always played down by popular media and popular discourse when it comes to Lenin was the fact that he was a mass murderer who was responsible for the death of millions of people, and the fact that he was an unbelievable hypocrite.


What most people don't know about Lenin is that he was a de facto German operative during WW1. In 1917, shortly after the February revolution started in Tsarist Russia, Lenin, along with 32 other Russian revolutionaries, were sent by the German Government to Russia on a special train with packed suitcases of money, in order to stir up the revolution, which just broke out in Tsarist Russia. According to Historian Richard Pipes the German government sent "more than 50 million deutsche marks in gold" from 1917 to 1918 to help the Bolsheviks establish and hold power. In 1917 US Dollars, 50 million marks would mean $9,041,591 — adjusting for inflation this equals about $172,910,538 in 2017 US Dollars. This worked out brilliantly for Germany as Lenin and his Bolshevik “comrades” fanned the flames of the revolution until it consumed the whole of Russia which resulted in the collapse of the eastern front, Russia exiting WW1 and allowed Germany to expand its eastern conquests and territories.

Supporters greet Lenin on his arrival at Finland Station, Petrograd, on 16 April 1917.

During the Russian revolution and subsequent civil war, Lenin and the Bolsheviks unleashed the “The Red Terror”. It was basically political repression on a scale which was not seen before in Russia, or in Europe. It was aimed against anyone who did not share Lenin's and the Bolshevik's Communist/revolutionary ideals. This “Red Terror” resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and in the consolidation of a dictatorial Communist regime, headed by Lenin. But the greatest death toll from the Communist revolution in Russia came from the Russian famine of 1921–22, also known as Povolzhye famine. It is estimated that around 5 million people died in the mass famine, which was casued becasue of the revolution and the civil war it created in Russia. Once firmly in power, Lenin launched a series of expansionist, imperialist invasions into Russia's neighboring countries like Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and Poland. Lenin's goals were not just an implementation of a Communist dictatorship in Russia, but everywhere in Europe. However, in order to achieve that he ordered the Red Army to invade Poland, in order to crush the newly independent country and carry the Russian Communist revolution to Warsaw and then to Berlin and from Germany to everywhere in Europe.

Lenin crosses Red Square in May 1919 accompanied by Red Army commanders

The war was a brutal one that caused hundreds of thousands of casualties, but the Polish army which was led by Marshal Józef Pilsudski (despite being vastly outnumbered and without any support from western Europe) managed to pull one of the greatest military victories of all times and completely routed the Soviet armies and chased them all the way back to Russia proper. It was also Lenin that instituted the use of Communist concentration camps for political prisoners, also known as “Gulags”, throughout Communist Russia. The Gulag system, which would be expanded and multiplied under Stalin, would end up claiming the lives of millions of people. While Lenin and his Communist gangsters went on and murdered countless of people in Russia simply because they owned private property, Lenin himself was not shy of behaving like a consummate, decedent, bourgeoisie. Moscow’s State Historical Museum contains something Lenin owned that is one of the ultimate examples of bourgeois conveyance - a Rolls Royce car, Silver Ghost model. And he didn't stop at one, he went on to own a whole fleet of them, totaling at 9 Rolls Royces.

Comrade Lenin in one of his many bourgeoisie Rolls Royces.

So while the Russian peasants and proletarians were literally dying of hunger all over Russia, Lenin made sure that wherever he traveled to in Communist Russia to preach about his "Communist values", it was always in style, and always in a flashy, capitalistic, expensive, bourgeoisie, Rolls Royce.


Lenin's real legacy was that he replaced one totalitarian system, Tsarism, with another, Communism. Only Communism in Russia would prove to be much more destructive than Tsarism ever was, and would go on to claim the lives of tens of millions of people all over Europe untill the collapse of the USSR IN 1991.

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