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Criticism of Israel and Zionism is not Anti Semitism.

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Israel's biggest propaganda success to date is the fact that it managed to equate criticism of the state of Israel, anti Zionism, with anti semitism.

Recently even the French president Emanuel Macron stated that “anti-Zionism is the reinvented form of anti-Semitism.” What Macron, and people who equate criticism of Israel with anti semitism, doesn't seem to know or understand, is that Zionism, Israel's ruling ideology, is a political ideology and has nothing to do with Judaism. In fact many Jews around the world are opposed to Zionism, so according to Macron those Jews hate Jews, including themselves because they criticize Israel. I know this seems stupid and ridiculous but this is how Macron and people who support this view think like. But wait, it gets even more ridiculous and stupider than that.

According to Macron and Israel, these Jews hate other Jews because they criticise Israel.

If you take this “argument” that people who criticize Zionism/Israel are anti Semites and reductio ad absurdum it, it would mean that people who criticized the Nazis were anti German, people who criticized the USSR were anti Russian and people who criticized apartheid were anti white people. In fact Zionism, much like apartheid, is a form is racism and practices racial discrimination. This was acknowledged by the whole world and the UN in 1975 with UN resolution 3379. The UN resolution “condemned zionism as a threat to world peace and security and called upon all countries to oppose this racist and imperialist ideology, Determines that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” The resolution was later overturned in 1991, after decades of intense Israeli and American pressure. However, the fact remains that Zionsim is a racist ideology because it discriminates between one group of people who inhabit the same area purely because of their ethnicity/race/religion, placing one, The Israeli Jews, over the other, the Palestinian Arabs. Now in the last couple of decades the Israeli government and its propaganda apparatus, the infamous state sponsored “Hasbara”, have been promoting and brainwashing people with this absurd notion that any, ANY criticism of Israel and its policies, crimes and its racist ideology is anti Semitic.

According to Macron and Israel any criticism of Israel is "anti semitism".

If you oppose the Israeli illegal and criminal occupation of the West Bank, which breaks international law and many past UN resolutions, then you are an anti Semite. If you mention that Israel killed around 2,000 Palestinians in the last Gaza war, you are an anti Semite. If you dare to mention that Israeli Arabs are treated as second class citizens by the Israeli establishment, that means, you guessed it, that you're an anti Semite. Etc... etc... Well if judging by the words of the French president, Israel propaganda's effort has been a huge success, because if the leader of one of the most powerful and advanced countries in Europe and in the world repeats this Israeli nonsense and drivel about “anti zionism is anti semitism” to the whole world, how could that be judged as anything short of complete success on the side of Israeli propaganda.

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