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Macron blames Poland, Czech Republic and Eastern Europe countries of "betraying" Europe.

The French president Emanuel Macron has lashed out at Eastern Europe countries, namely Hungary, Czech republic and Poland, who have been recently targeted by the EU for refusing the forced EU migrants relocation in their countries, for “betraying Europe” and “European values” and has threatened them with political consequences. “European countries that do not respect the rules should pay the full political consequences”. "There is a double betrayal. They decide to abandon EU principles, turn their back on Europe and have a cynical approach to the union which gives them money, without respecting its values," Macron said. The problem here is that it's Macron and the EU who are breaking their own rules and treaties. The “structural funds.” that the EU gives those countries were never conditioned in anyway with having those countries admitting tens of thousands of third world economic migrants and refugees into their countries. The “Values” that Marcon and the EU demand that those countries “respect” mean that they should ignore the wishes of their own people, their laws and democratically elected institutions, and shut up and do whatever unelected autocrats in the EU, and what the German and French presidents tells them to do. This is not about “values”, this is about capitulation, and it has no legal or moral basis. [Read more about the EU's cold war with Hungary Poland and Czech republic] Now what is even more alarming regarding Macron's insane statement, is that he is forgeting about, whether out of ignorance or just out of sheer stupidity, how it was France that had betrayed, in a very physical sense, those exact same countries in eastern Europe, but namely Czech republic and Poland. Reminder, it was France, along with the UK and Italy, that forced Czechoslovakia to basically commit suicide and capitulate and surrender its sovereignty and independence to Germany, all in the name of Nazi appeasement, in the infamous “Munich agreements” in 1938. [Read more about the "Munich agreements"] Another reminder is that it was France, along with the UK, who betrayed Poland in 1939 and did not come to her aid when it was attacked by Germany despite having a defensive alliance with Poland, the equivalent of modern day NATO agreements, and allowed Germany to occupy and destroy Poland. [Read more about the French and British betrayel of Poland in 1939] Both Poland and Czech republic suffered tremendously because of French and European betrayal, so when a French president uses the word “betrayal” in conjunction with those countries that were literally destroyed because an actual French betrayal, is not just moronic, it is downright despicable. It seems that France and Macron today are demanding that countries in Eastern Europe surrender their sovereignty and independence and appease the EU, in the name of “European solidarity and values”, much in the same way that France and Europe demanded Czechoslovakia give up its sovereignty and independence and “appease” Hitler and Nazi Germany in 1938.

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