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EU declares a cold war against Hungary, Poland and Czech republic over its forced migrant quotas.

The European Union has announced legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic over their refusal to allow migrants into their countries. In a statement, the European Commission said it was launching the cases after “repeated calls” on the three to pledge to accept the migrant quotas, all of which had been ignored. “Against this background ... the Commission has decided to launch infringement procedures against these three Member States,” it said. The three states - which all immediately rejected the EU decision - could face fines and other sanctions, including striping away their voting rights, although the process, if it comes to anything, is expected to take many months, or even years. The split between the EU and Hungary, Poland and Czech republic has deepened since September 2015 when western EU powers, led by Germany and France, forced through a relocation plan for 120,000 refugees using a qualified majority vote. The move broke with long standing conventions that such sensitive matters be decided by consensus. The people in those three countries are staunchly against allowing the EU to forcibly relocate migrants into their countries. In Hungary for example a referendum was held last October in which some 95% of those who voted rejected any EU forced measures to relocate migrants to Hungary. Witold Waszczykowski, the Polish foreign minister, said that most of those who came to Europe were immigrants, not refugees and, in any case, did not want to live in Poland. “We would have [to relocate them] by force,” he said. “Then in Poland, we would have to keep them in camps as well.” Milan Chovanec, the Czech interior minister, accused the EU of “putting its head in the sand” if it thought any refugees forced upon his country would stay rather than moving onto more prosperous countries to the west. Victor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, stated that his country "We will not give in to blackmail from Brussels.” The EU is basically demanding that those three governments ignore the popular wishes of their own people, who elected them into office, and do whatever Brussels tells them, no matter how crazy and opposite to their country's wishes and public opinion. Just to be clear, this whole thing is not about migrants or refugees, this is about the EU literally forcing, through coercion and blackmail, sovereign independent countries in Europe, to ignore the wishes of their own people, and do whatever the un-elected technocrats in the EU tells them to do. The migrants/refugees are just a tool which is being cynicaly used by the EU to further erode the sovereignty, independence and democratic institutions of countries in Europe. Source: The EU's statement -

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