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The EU is the opposite of a democratic organization.

The biggest lie that the European Union, the mass media, and the people who support it tell to everyone, and to themselves, is that the European Union is a democratic organization. The European Union is not a democratic organization, far from it, it is the antithesis of a democratic organization. Now it's true that the EU holds elections to its parliament every five years, however those elections are a sham.

The European Union Parliament.

In the last elections to the European parliament, just over 40% of the population bothered to vote. When you take into consideration that about one quarter of the people who voted in those elections voted for anti EU parties, that figure goes down to around 30%. In fact in many countries the turnout was much lower, like in the Czech republic the turnout was 18.20% and Slovakia which boasted a 13.05% of voter turnout. This serves not just as a clear indication that the overwhelming majority of Europeans not only don't support the EU, but it also negates any argument made by pro EU people that the EU has any popular mandate to rule over Europe. But what about the EU Parliament itself, surely that's a democratic institution? The EU parliament is arguably the only parliament in the world (except maybe North Korea's) where members of parliament are not allowed to make laws or initiate legislation. That's right, MEPs (Members of European Parliament) cannot make or write laws, they can only rubber stamp them. Who does make the laws in the EU you may ask? The institution that actually makes the laws in the EU is not the democratially elected parliament, but the unleceted European Commission. The EU have unelected EU “commissioners”, who are usually comprised of corrupt ex politicians from all across Europe, who are appointed, not elected, into their positions and they are the ones that draw up the laws and pass it on to the parliament to be rubber stamped.

Banner of the European Commission, on the Berlaymont building in Brussels.

Of course the EU parliament puts on a great show sometimes, and even engages in “debates” about laws and might even sometimes send back laws to the commissioners to be “amended”, but at the end of the day it is a parliament of puppets, toothless and worthless, with the power of representing no one in Europe. The heads of the EU are also not elected into office but are appointed by special committees, and if any member states in the EU opposes them, Like the UK and Hungary objected to Jean Claude Juncker in 2014, and when Poland objected to Donald Tusk in 2017, they are told to shut up and accept the outcome. But all of this of course does not stop the corporate pro EU mass media in Europe and globally, and the EU officials and the people who support them, from portraying the EU as a democratic institution that represents the will of its members states and the people of Europe. Sources :

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