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FB deletes humor and satire pages, but allowes reported pedofile content.

FB not only failed to reomve reported pedofile content on its website, unbelievably, it actually reported the journalists that reported that content to the police.

Facebook has now come under fire for failing to remove sexualised pictures of children from its website - and then reporting the journalists who brought it to their attention to the police. The issue came to light following a BBC investigation in which it used Facebook's "report button" to highlight sexual images but found more than 80 per cent were not removed, with an automated response saying they did not breach "community standards". The images included under-16s in sexualised poses, pages aimed at paedophiles and an image appearing to be taken from a child abuse video. They included pages explicitly for men with a sexual interest in children; images of children in highly sexualised poses and an image that appeared to be from a video of child abuse. Just 18 of the 100 images were removed. When examples of the images were sent to Facebook to highlight the issue, the company instead reported the journalists who brought them to their attention to police for sharing the pictures. Now contrast all of that with how quickly and brutally FB removes meme and satire pages, even when they don't break its own self professed "community guidelines". Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg and FB are more concenred with political satire and meme pages than pedofiles. Source:

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