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Facebook is using artificial intelligence to spy on and to monitor its users.

Facebook is now using artificial intelligence to monitor and spy on its users. This was revealed by no other than FB founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In a rather bizarre, almost 6,000 words manifesto that sounded like it was written by some deranged propaganda commissar in a cold war Communist dictatorship, he stated that: Artificial intelligence can help provide a better approach. We are researching systems that can look at photos and videos to flag content our team should review. This is still very early in development, but we have started to have it look at some content, and it already generates about one-third of all reports to the team that reviews content for our community. “ Right now FB relies on users who report content for them to review, but soon it will have it's AI monitoring and flagging content by itself. This means that everything that anyone will ever post on FB will be monitored by an AI who will decide whether it should be censored or deleted. This is truly frightening if you understand the ramification of it. Basically FB is fast becoming the whole internet. It has already around 1.7 billion users and is expected to grow to around 2 billion in the coming years. Most people today experience the internet ONLY through FB, not bothering to go to other websites. This means that in the very near future everything on FB, which is fast becoming the whole internet, will be monitored by an AI which will decide what stays and what goes. An AI, a robot, not even a human being. FB is already the largest dictatorship the world. Everything you ever write on FB is recorded by FB, stored, and used in whatever way FB decided to use it. You can't really ever leave FB because even if you decide to quite it, all you personal details and everything you ever posted will remain in the FB servers even after you're dead. Now to add to this the fact that robot will be monitoring all the human users of FB and whatever they say write or posts, and you get something that sounds like it came out of “1984” meets “The Terminator” meets “The Matrix”. And this is not something that will might happen in a distant future, this is already happening now. Source:

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