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According to Mark Zuckerberg, only rich people get to have privacy.

According to Mark Zuckerberg privacy is dead as a “social norm”, unless, of course, you can afford it. Talking at the Crunchie awards in San Francisco in 2010 Zuckerberg stated that said that privacy was no longer a "social norm". His statement may not be a surprise, particularly since it helps to justify his company's huge profits, which are generated by activley removing any sense of privacy from its 1.5 billion users and profiting from spying and recording their private lives and social interactions. However, it turns out that privacy is still a social norm for Zuckerberg, seeing how he's willing to spend over $30 million on protecting his own. In an effort to protect his own privacy, Zuckerberg paid more than $30 million for four houses surrounding his Palo Alto home. He’s said to have paid more than $30 million in total for the properties—including one he bought for $14 million, even though it was valued at the time at $3.71 million. His plan was not to rent them or to re sell them, but to raze them to the ground, in order to give himself and family that same sense of privacy he so publicly denounced. Also Zuckerberg angered the neighbors around his vacation property on the Hawaiian island of Kauai over a 6-foot-tall wall he is built to protect his. Can you guess why? That's right, to protect his privacy. The neighbors say the wall is blocking their ocean views and breezes, but big Zuck doesn't seem to mind or care about that, as long as he can enjoy his privacy in peace. So according to Zuckerberg, privacy is a very accepted social norm for rich people, but not for the poor plebs on his website, those who are responsible for his immense wealth. SOURCES -

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