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Lukasz Urban - the Polish truck driver who saved countless of lives when he fought the Berlin attack

A heroic Polish lorry driver fought with his hijacker in the seconds before he crashed the truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, police have revealed.

Father-of-one Lukasz Urban, 37, tried desperately to wrestle the wheel from his attacker in the final seconds before the heavy goods vehicle was driven into the crowds.

Mr Urban was one of 12 people who died in the atrocity, with another 50 injured, 14 of whom are fighting for their lives in hospital. Lukasz Urban, 37, had driven to the German capital from Turin to deliver steel and had parked while he waited for his cargo to be unloaded but was ambushed as he returned to his truck from a kebab shop. Media reports in Germany quoted investigators saying that, judging by his wounds which included multiple stab injuries, he was alive and fighting as the truck headed for its human targets. "He must have put up some fight," the newspaper Bild quoted a police officer as saying. The German police believes Mr Urban was grappling with the wheel when he received the gunshot that took his life. Even as he was bleeding out of his stab wounds, and on the brink of death, Lukasz Urban managed to fight the ISIS terrorist and save countless of lives. The truck was driving towards the crowd at a speed of over 75 Kmh and would have created a total carnage if it weren't for this brave man, as he managed to keep the death toll to around 11 people, and prevented a huge massacre. The masked ISIS terrorist then shot him in the head before fleeing the scene. His escape was aided by police arresting the wrong man and giving him an 18-hour head start.

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