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"RT" which is short for "Russia Today" is really "KGBTV" which is shor

No matter who your Facebook friends are, most chances are that at least one of them has shared an RT or one of its affiliates like "Sputnik" articles and videos, without even realizing what they were sharing was Russian state sponsored propaganda. RT have been extremely successful online, for example they claim to be the most watched news channel on YouTube with over 4 billion views on YouTube alone. On Facebook, Twitter and other social media's they have more than 7 million followers. And RT is even considered to be as a legitimate member of the alternative main stream media by most people online. The problem is that it's not. RT is a state sponsored propaganda machine, nothing more and nothing less. RT receives its funding (over $300 million a year) from the Federal Budget of Russia as allocated by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. Russia Today is owned and financed by the Kremlin, so it's like if the Pentagon or the CIA owned a media outlet and everyone would be just fine with it for some reason and believed they were watching some "news" channel instead of state propaganda.

Putin Meeting with the Russia Today channel's leadership and correspondents.

RT articles and stories don't appear on the surface to be advancing any specific agenda. However, on closer inspection, they all share one common underlying denominator, and that's to portray the west and the US in negative light and to basically broadcast anti western/American propaganda 24/7. RT articles and stories worm their way into your Facebook feed, so when the news breaks out about something that involves Russia, they will automatically insert the Russian propaganda version of events. For intance when a passenger plane , MH17, was shot down over Ukraine by Russian backed militias using a Russian missile, Russia's version of reality, that it was downed by a Ukrainian Jet fighter, became "news" and started circulating everywhere on social media becoming a “legitimate narrative” instead of the bullshit, bat-shit crazy propaganda that it really was. It came to a point that even RT journalists could not cope with the lying and reality twisting they were forced to do on a daily basis, so they publicly quit, one even did during a live broadcast on air.

RT Anchor Liz Wahl quits on air.

RT employs mostly American, British and western "journalists" and editors, so if you watch Russia Today, you see American/western faces , not Russian, and a studio that looks just like any other American/western news channel, and there's no hint of anything even remotely Russian about it. And that's the whole point of RT, it's to give you the feeling that you're watching just another “news” channel instead of a state sponsored propaganda channel which is founded by the Kremlin and former KGB agents like the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, a propaganda channel whose sole purpose is to literally brainwash people who watch it with Russian anti western propaganda.

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