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China is literally the world's biggest human rights abuser, and shouldn't be on the UN human

China is a totalitarian dictatorship that systematically curbs fundamental basic human rights from almost 1.4 billion people, including freedom of expression, association, assembly, and religion, when their exercise is perceived to threaten its Communist one-party rule. There is no freedom of speech, religion or press in China, and if anyone tries to protests against that they are arrested, tortured, imprisoned and in some cases, have their organs removed from them while they are still alive. China also executes more people each year than any other country and while official statistics remain secret, "Amnesty international" figures show that China executed at least thousands of people on a yearly basis with the number of offenses that carry a capital punishment being 55. Thousands of prisoners, the overwhelming majority being political and ideological prisoners of conscious, are unofficially executed on a yearly basis by having their organs removed while they are still alive, and sold by the Chinese government to the highest bidder. Torture and ill-treatment is widespread and methods include electric shocks, suspension by the arms, kicking, beating and food- and sleep-deprivation. Those detained for their political views, human rights activities or religious and spiritual beliefs are at high risk of torture in custody, particularly if they refuse to recant or renounce their beliefs. Members of unofficial Catholic churches or underground Protestant "house churches" are frequently detained in violation of their rights. Muslims in Xinjiang are persecuted as well: some books are banned and mosques have been closed. Tens of thousands of members of the banned Falun Gong movement have been detained labour camps, prisons, psychiatric hospitals and many of them were murdered by having their organs removed while they were still alive. China is currently annexing territories which belong to her neighbors on the south china sea by building military bases on coral reefs and by sending its army and navy to bully its neighbors into submission. In 1950 China invaded Tibet and has been occupying Tibet and persecuting the local Tibetans for the past 66 years. It is estimated that more than a million Tibetans died as a direct result of the Chinese brutal occupation of their lands, while millions fled the country and live as refugees all over the world, but mainly in India. And this is just a shortlist of all the ongoing crimes and human right violations that China practices on a daily basis. So you would expect that such a country would be treated the same way as N. Korea is, as a pariah state. But not only does China gets away with literally murder, it is actually a member of the UN's human rights council! And not only is it a member, it actually uses its powers to stop UN human rights resolutions regarding othe countries which routinly abuse human rights, basicly worsening the situation of human right violations all over the world. According to a Human Rights Watch report from 2011, China's "main concern at the council appears to be to protect state sovereignty from what it considers undue interference in domestic affairs through overly critical resolutions". In 2010 and 2011, it voted against resolutions to address human rights violations in Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Belarus and Syria.

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