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In 1992 Hillary accused women who claimed that they were sexually assaulted by Bill as being "S

Not many people remember how in 1992, confronted by many allegations of women who claimed that they were sexually assaulted by her husband, ardent feminist and pro women rights Hillary Clinton decided that the best way to handle those allegation, was not to investigate them, but to go after the women who made them, and terrorize them into silence. The books "Hell to Pay" by Barbara Olson and "No One Left to Lie To" by Christopher Hitchens depict Hillary Clinton as the puppet master behind the hiring of lawyers and private detectives to dig up dirt on her husband's accusers. During the 1992 election a host of women came out claiming that they were sexually assaulted and harassed by Bill Clinton. You would expect that Hillary, being a fiery feminist, pro women rights and bla bla bla..., would investigate those claims, confront her husband or at the very least try to reach out to those women and try to help them in some way.

Bill and Hillary during the 1992 elections.

I mean this is the very same Hillary Clinton that said that when women allege sexual assault they "have the right to be believed." Instead Hillary had a special team formed which launched what was termed "Sluts & Nuts" team whose sole job was to go after these women and make their lives a living hell by digging up their past and smearing them all over the main stream media. The tactic paid off as these women were terrorized into silence and Bill became the US president in 1992.


Fast forward to 2016, where Hillary is running for president of the US, while blaming her opponent of sexually harassing women, and how that makes him unfit for being the president of the US. Because for Hillary, it was OK for Bill to sexually assault women and become the president of the US, while the same charge makes Donald Trump “unfit” for the same role. Hypocrisy level – HRC.

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