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Nobel peace prize arms dealer Obama sells weapons and backs Saudi Arabia as it murders civilians in

Since 2010, the Obama administration authorized a record $60bn in US military sales to Saudi Arabia. Since then, the administration concluded deals for nearly $48bn in weapons sales – triple the $16bn in sales under the George W Bush administration. Now these weapons are employed by the Saudis when they go around deliberately massacring thousands of civilians in Yemen as they indiscriminately bomb schools, markets and public places in a deliberate attempt to demoralize and break the Iran backed Houthi rebels. But Obama does not only ramp up arms sales, he even shares US intelligence assistance that helps Saudi Arabia conduct its bloody war in Yemen, because the Saudis are America's "friends and allies" so its cool if they blow up civilians in Yemen, just as long as they keep pumping cheap oil and buying expensive weapons. After all Saudi Arabia is the second-largest foreign oil provider to the United States and the number one customer of US made weapons. Despite his rhetoric, Obama sold more advanced weaponry to Saudi leaders than any of his predecessors. And that means one thing: an emboldened Saudi Arabia will contribute to bomb and massacre civilians and causes more war and instability in the Middle East – and doing that with the full backing of the United States and its Nobel peace award laureate arms dealing president.

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