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Harry Potter's ex uses "feminism" to promote herself and her business venture.

Emma Watson has been a passionate UN Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014 and a self declared “feminist”, right around the time her acting career basically died. It is important to note Emma Watson, the “born again feminist”, had no problems to pose for semi nude photo shots for glamorous magazines that depicted her in what could be interpreted as soft porn poses up until 2014, before she became a “feminist” business women.

Here's Emma in another "feminist" photoshoot:

She was the guest of honour at the 71st Annual United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday, because obviously the UN has run out of real female rights campaigners who work in the third world promoting women rights while risking their lives in the procces, where she delivered a passionate speech which read like your generic SJW flavored Huffington post article. But before Emma Watson delivered her speech she posted a picture on Instagram of what she was wearing. This wasn't your usual outfit-of-the-day post though. In fact, it was the subtle announcement of her collaboration with New York-based ethical brand ZADY. And of course all the people who saw and read about her speech can now purchase the exact same outfit, the black rollneck wool jumper which are already available to pre-order on for £151 and £134.

Now as a feminist Emma Watson champions equality and that everybody should be treated the same, except when it comes to paying taxes. The “Harry Potter” star is reported to have used an offshore company to buy a property worth $40 million in London. The Panama Papers reveal that Watson is a beneficiary of a company based in the British Virgin Islands, which could be used to help her avoid paying taxes in the UK on her business and real estate ventures. Emma Watson is not a feminist, she's a hypocrite who poses as a feminist, because it's cool and trendy, in order to promote herself and her business ventures.

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