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The media is usually only interested in small insignificant lies, not the big ones.

Ryan Lochte, the American Olympic swimmer, told a lie about how he was robbed in Rio, and the whole media went bananas and made sure that THE WHOLE WORLD knew who Ryan Lochte was and what terrible lies he was spinning. Cut to Obama lying through his teeth, for 8 years, about the NSA, Libya, Obamacare, Spying on allied countries, spying in US citizens, weapons sales to Mexican drug cartels, Syrian red lines, using assault drones on civilians worldwide, etc... etc... and still the main stream media in the US (except for FOX, but only because he's not a republican) makes sure that almost no one in the US and across the world gets to hear about it. Actually this pattern is being repeated with Hillary's presidential campaign, where gargantuan lies about her compromising national security, criminally breaking the secret act, receiving tens of millions of dollars in “donations” from dictatorships to a private foundation which has no public or any sort of oversight, Wall Street and international banks and corporations transferring tens of millions of dollars to her through “speaking fees” etc... etc... Because that's how the corporate media in the US, and indeed the all over the world, operates. It will assault you with unending coverage of insignificant petty lies while barely covering, if not outright ignoring, the big lies that determine our reality and shape most people's point of view on current events.

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