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Huffington Post isn't even trying to hide their hypocrisy anymore.

"The Media Is Saying And Doing A Bunch Of Sexist Stuff During The Olympics" screamed the headline of an article written by Lee Moran on "The Huffington post".

"Some of the media covering the 2016 Rio Games is proving that sexism is, lamentably, still a thing." Wrote Lee Moran, the "Trends Editor" (apparently such a job actually exists). The article itself was full of triggered and angry online social justice warriors tweeting how terrible and"sexist" all these disgusting men who cover the Olympics are, blaming everyone, from the male sports casters to the female athletes husbands and their male coaches, and bascially everything which has a penis for horrible biased "sexist" coverage etc... etc... That's funny because several hours before that The Huffington Post ran an article written by By Monika Markovinovic with the clearly not sexist headline "Tonga flag bearer distracted us from writing a good headline". Here are some of the paragraphs: "And then, as 207 nations paraded across a stadium and a world of onlookers watched from their television sets across the globe, one glistening, oiled-up man emerged. He kept walking with the Tonga flag gently blowing in the wind. And then it happened. With one look into the camera, he smiled. He smiled at us all. Our hearts stopped." The article was full of tweets as well (that's what most Huffington post articles really are, just a collection of tweets usually written by intellectually challenged people) all of a very sexist nature towards Pita Nikolas, the flag bearer of Tonga. Interestingly enough, The Huffingotn later changed the headline of the article in what appears to be a last ditch effort to try to hide their biased, double standards, ideologically driven, social justice fundamentalism, but the internet remembers. Sources:


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