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Turkish TV mistakes secret army coup codes with GTA4 cheat codes.

Turkish TV aired what it thought to have been "secret military codes used by the army to plan and ecexute the military coup."

Reading off labels next to jumbled numbers and letters, the reporter listed “health and weapon, health and armour, weather, helicopter, motorcycle and weapon” saying they were “among all the stuff used in the attempted coup”. “There are some interesting notes found in the garbage which was thrown by Gulen terrorists. The writings in this notebook look like codes for the coup. There are some codes like: health and weapon, health and armor, weather, heli, motorcycle etc. which are things that can be used in a coup,” said the reporter.

These are secret codes alright, but not for what the reporter believes. As anyone who plays video games can clearly see, the reporter is holding a notebook full of cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto IV. Who knows, maybe this was a GTA4 expansion pack - "GTA IV :Turkish military coup", or maybe the developers of GTA 4 ,"Rockstar Games", were the Gulen Terrorists that were behind the failed military coup attempt in Turkey.

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