North Korea has effectivly declared war on the US... aaaand no one seems to take it seriously.

Han Song Ryol, director-general of US affairs department at the country’s Foreign Ministry, said the American government’s decision to include Kim Jong Un on a list of sanctioned individuals amounted to a “declaration of war”.

“The United States has crossed the red line in our showdown,” Han said. “We regard this thrice-cursed crime as a declaration of war.

“By doing these kinds of vicious and hostile acts toward the DPRK, the US has already declared war against the DPRK. So it is our self-defensive right and justifiable action to respond in a very hard way.”

Despite what appeared to be an imminent threat and a de facto declaration of war from a country armed with nuclear weapons the US gov has not released a statement about it, perhaps demonstrating that they think that this is not a serious or even a credible threat.



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