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Distorted world media coverage of ISIS attacks obscures the fact that ISIS mainly kills Muslims.

In the last 48 hours ISIS terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq have killed over 100 people and injured hundreds more but world mass media hardly gives it any coverage. But when there's an ISIS terrorist attack that takes place in the west, world MSM always coveres it in an obsessive 24/7 way for weeks and sometimes for months. Now I understand that people in the west are interested when something bad happens in the west more than they would be when it happens in Afghanistan or Iraq, which is only natural. And I understand why MSM, which usually comprises of western journalists chooses to focus more on terror attacks in the west rather than anywhere else on the planet. But the problem with that is that it creates a distorted view for people in the west. To people in the west, who are fed with information regrading ISIS by their MSM, it appears as if ISIS is mainly an anti western organization which mainly targets people in Europe or in the US. However, the facts are that the overwhelming majority of ISIS terror attacks victims are Muslims who live in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc... etc... and not in Europe, the US or anywhere else in the west. That's because ISIS considers ALL Muslims, and basically anyone else who doesn't adopt their fundamentalist insane death cult teaching, as heretics which are legitimate targets to kill/behead/rape/enslave. In fact ISIS is primarily an anti Muslim organization. This is obvious to anyone who just googles the amount of ISIS terror attacks against Muslims and compares them to the number of attacks ISIS against any other non Muslim population. But to people in the west, who view ISIS through the distorted lens of their MSM, ISIS primarily wants to kill non Muslim western people, which is false seeing how ISIS murders overwhelmingly more Muslims than non Muslims.

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