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The aftermath of the failed military coup attempt in Turkey.

Turkey is once again under the firm control of president Erdogan. The last pockets of resistance have been wiped out and the soldiers that have participated in the coup attempt have all been arrested and eight people who are thought to be the main conspirators have fled to Greece where they have requested asylum. The Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, said that 265 people killed in attempted military coup, including at least 100 'plotters' and some 2,839 soldiers, including high-ranking officers, have been arrested. Many horrible and disturbing reports and pictures are being circulated of pro Erdogan vigilantes lynching and killing unarmed soldiers, after they peacefully surrendered their arms. As a sign of what the future will look like in a post coup Turkey, some 2,700 judges were removed from duty following failed overthrow. The future looks especially bleak for Turkey as president Erdogan will use the excuse of the coup to further clamp down on any sign of opposition to his regime and will redouble his efforts to rewrite the Turkish Constitution, and further erode the secular Kemalist traditional values that the Turkish republic was founded on.


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