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Germany blames NATO for "provoking" Russia and of "warmongering".

The German foreign minister just went public and slammed NATO for "Warmongering" and for "provoking Russia" by staging a NATO military exercise in eastern European countries. The same NATO exercise that was welcomed by the Eastern European states, namely Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who demanded a more robust NATO forces presence in their territories as in response to the growing Russian military presence on their borders and the recent Russian expansionist (After it annexed Crimea and parts of Georgia and E Ukraine) resurgence. I wonder if all of this has to do with the fact that Germany is currently set to build a second gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2, from Russia that will bypass the Ukraine, the Baltic States and Poland and will link Russia with Germany. Germany plans to do this despite the protests and criticism from many European states, and even the EU itself, who see this pipeline as a direct threat to their interests and a way for the Kremlin to use gas contracts as a diplomatic bludgeon to exert control over its former empire. Even the EU is against the pipeline, fearing it undermines the bloc’s energy union project, whose goals include diversifying EU energy supplies, and would allow Russia to dominate the European energy market. Of course Germany, in the name of "European solidarity" doesn't give a shit about what other European countries feel, think and want, if it doesn't serve its interests, and plans to go ahead with this gas pipeline despite the damage that it will cause many European countries economies and to Europe as a whole.

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