If the UK leaves the EU, it will be DESTROYED! (We're not scaremongering)

We're not trying to scare monger but wake up Britisheeple, the end is nigh! Open your eyes to the truth that everyone has been trying to tell you! If you choose to leave the EU it will be the catastrophic, calamitous and cataclysmic END OF BRITIAN!!! We're not scaremongering you, that's what the "leave campaign" is doing; we're telling you the absolute, supreme and total truth! If we leave the democratic, accountable and transparent utopia which is the European Union, IT WILL BE OUR HORRIBLE, APOCALYPTIC AND BLOODY END! And it will be all your fault you silly twats! Just bloody get it already! We're not scaremongering! And fuck Boris and Nigel! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]