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Palestinian terror is fueled by the Israeli occupation, and not by Islam.

Israeli propaganda tries to paint Palestinians acts of terror as being motivated by religious motives, while the facts are that they are caused by the continuing Israeli occupation of their lands like in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. EVERY national liberation movement in modern history, from Africa to Europe, has used terrorism as a way to highlight their suffering and as a mean to fight back against their occupiers. What better example than the Jewish Zionist terrorists in British occupied Palestine in the 1940's. The Zionist terrorist organizations were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people; both British and Arabs, in the 1940's, in British controlled Palestine.

The most notorious terrorist attack was the bombing of the King David hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, where 91 people were murdered when a bomb went off and leveled most of the hotel.

Former Zionist terrorists talking about The King David hotel bombing.

The Zionist terrorists claimed that only through acts of "brutal terror" and "intimidation", could The Zionists in Palestine drive out the British and win their independence. Guess what? They were right. The British finally said "enough is enough" and the Zionist movement got the country they murdered and terrorized innocent people for years to achieve.

Hmm... So how are present day Palestinians who employ terror in order to fight and end the occupation of their lands, differ from what Zionists did in 1940's British controlled Palestine?

Israeli sodiers on patrol in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli propaganda and their brainwashed useful idiots worldwide try to paint Palestinians as some sort of irrational fundamentalist fanatics, while in fact that they are no different than the Zionist Jews who used EXACTLY the same terrorist means to achieve their own national goals in the 1940's. Just to be clear, this is not meant in anyway as a support for any acts of terrorism against civilian population. Terrorism against Israeli civilians, or any civilians for that matter, is not just wrong, but also counter productive to the long term Palestinian goal of achieving their own state. However, people should never presume to tell an occupied people how to fight their occupiers. The only way for the Palestinian terrorism to end is for Israel to stop its occupation of the west Bank, and allow for the creation of a Palestinian state, as the Palestinians has been asking for over 40 years, alongside the Israeli state.

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