When it comes to human rights in China, everyone is equal.

China, led by its criminal Communist party, is the world's new totalitarian, evil empire. Their record on human rights, with their insane organ harvesting of political prisoners, conquest and brutal oppression of Tibet and Tibetans, imprisonment of dissidents, persecution of Falun Gong members, and the discrimination and repression against the Uyghurs population can only be compared with the human right conditions in countries like North Korea, Eritrea and Zimbabwe. But no one want to piss of China, the world's second largest economy, so world leaders and mainstream corporate media turn a blind eye to these crimes and concentrate instead on giving the Chinese government a proper rimjob every time the subject of China and its horrendous human rights abuses come up. Read more on on how China is organ harvesting live political prisoners: http://www.dispropaganda.com/#!Peoples-Organs-republic-of-China/c10cg/56f519220cf2a6e8eac85f5b [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]