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EU and FB agree to implement Orwellian "code of conduct" to fight online "hate speech

The EU and FB, and also Twitter, Google's YouTube and Microsoft agreed to an EU "code of conduct" to tackle "online hate speech". By "tackle" they mean remove delete and censor ANYTHING that goes against the EU's "code of conduct". A press release from the EU Commission claims the new initiative has been set up “to respond to the challenge of ensuring that online platforms do not offer opportunities for illegal online hate speech to spread virally”. But what is the EU's definition of "hate speech"? "Illegal hate speech, on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia, means all conduct publicly inciting to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnicity." Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? I mean who is not against "inciting to violence or hatred" and all that? To be clear, if anyone who incites to violence or any bodily harm by saying or writing on a public social platform something like : "kill all the migrants/muslims/jews/Christian/cats/dogs/whoever" should be removed from any public platform and be dealt according to his own country's rules on free speech. The problem with this is that FB and EU interpret this "hate speech" strictly in whatever way they wish, and usually in a one way only. This sort of abuse of "hate speech" by FB has been documented extensively in the past. For instance, people who voice opposition to migrants coming to Europe are silenced and deleted because they are "inciting hatred". However, people (including prominent EU politicians and officials) who incite hatred towards whole populations of people like Hungarians, Poles, conservatives, Catholics etc… etc… by calling them "Nazis" and what not and by literally "inciting hatred" towards them, are left alone by FB to flourish and multiply. Basically hate speech means whatever the hell FB and the EU decide is "hate speech". Why? Because both FB and the EU are both an authoritarian organizations who are not accountable to anyone or anything and can freely make any laws they decide and implement them in anyway they choose, like this bullshit, Orwellian "code of conduct" and "hate speech" nonsense, which is nothing more than a new form of "thought police". Read more on FB censoring:!FBs-censorship-exposed/c10cg/5732269c0cf2e405158b294f Source: [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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