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Winston Churchill vs David Cameron.

I can't really get over the fact that David Cameron, the British PM, whose basic most fundamental role is to keep the UK's independence and sovereignty safe from foreign intervention and interests, is not only willing to sell it to the EU for practically nothing in exchange, but is actually going out of his way in trying to make sure that British sovereignty will become a thing of the past. I mean I just wonder how will all this would have sounded to Winston Churchill, or any other British PM in history, if someone walked up to them and told them that British sovereignty is useless and should be discarded in favor of having a bunch of unelected, corrupt bureaucrats (who represent no one but the corporate and banking elites) who will supersede Westminster and who will be the ones writing the laws and dictating to people in the UK what they can or cannot do. They would probably say: "NO BLOODY WAY!" (Except maybe for Blair, but who cares what a lying war criminal has to say.) And the fact that Cameron is FIGHTING for that to happen, throwing his entire political and personal weight into this, all so that the UK, the fifth largest economy in the world, would become an insignificant province in this Plutocratic, authoritarian and undemocratic EU, is mind boggling. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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