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76 years later, Japanese WW2 crimes are still ignored by the world.

Today everyone knows about the crimes that Germans perpetuated during WW2. Some people even know about the Russian crimes during WW2. However, ask anyone about the Japanese war crimes during WW2, which were as bad as the German/Russian, and all you'll get is "what happened to Hiroshima was terrible." This sort of historical amnesia/ignorance is helping to white-wash the Japanese war crimes that were perpetuated all over Asia, but mainly in China, and which cost the lives of around 20 million people. Actually, today, it is considered politically incorrect and "rude" to even bring up the issue of Japanese war crimes at all. "What?!? So you justify nuking people?!?" Is usually the classic "Pavlovian", historically ignorant reaction simpletons all over the world echo. You can add to that the implausible fact that Emperor Hirohito, the Japanese equivalent of Hitler and Stalin during WW2, not only never faced justice for his actions and crimes, he continued in his post as Japan's emperor after WW2 ended, as if nothing ever happened, despite the fact that he had the blood of 20,000,000 people on his imperial hands. However I predict that this historical revision of Japan's WW2 history will continue, and the knowledge of Japanese war crimes would completely be purged from the collective memory of the western world and will only be restricted to historians, people who live in Asia, and to the countries that suffered from Japan's invasion and brutality during WW2, like China and Korea, who never received any proper compensation from Japan over those crimes. Read more about Japan's WW2 war crimes :!Japan-portrays-itself-as-a-WW2-victim-while-it-was-as-brutal-as-Nazi-Germany/c10cg/5748161e0cf2f56abe50733f [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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