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No, Hitler was not elected into power.

Critics of democracy often claim that Hitler was democratically elected to power, which is utter bullshit if you know your history. The problem with this argument is that Hitler never won an election before he become the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. In 1932, Hitler and the Nazi party won 13,418,517 votes and 36.8 percent of the vote and lost the presidential elections. Actually it was Paul von Hindenburg who won the elections with his Independent party which got 19,359,983 votes which represented 53 percent of the vote.

The only reason why Hitler did eventually became Germany's Chancellor in 1933, was because the German president, Paul von Hindenburg, appointed him as Chancellor in 1933, and NOT because he won the elections. A number of leading conservatives and advisers led by Franz von Papen thought they could control Adolf Hitler if he became Chancellor, but this was disproven quite quickly. Instead of controlling Hitler, Hitler controlled them and used the opportunity when he became Chancellor to seize power and abolish the German democracy and its parliament and institute a one party, his NSDAP or Nazi party, dictatorship.

Hindenburg shaking hands with Hitler after he appointed him as Chancellor in 1933

Hitler succeeded Hindenburg as head of state upon his death in 1934, whereafter he abolished the office entirely, and replaced it with the new position of Führer und Reichskanzler ("Leader and Reich Chancellor"), cementing his rule. Actually the only presidential elections the Nazi's ever won was in 1933 when 17 million Germans voted for them which gave them 48% of the vote. But this happened only AFTER Hitler seized power in 1933 and AFTER he was appointed as German chancellor and AFTER the the German reichstag was burned down and AFTER Hitler and the Nazis took over Germany as a whole. Source: Nohlen, D & Stöver, "Elections in Europe: A data handbook."

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