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Venezuela's socialist revolution runs out of power.

Venezuela's massive electricity crisis keeps getting worse and worse. Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro decided Tuesday night to shorten the work week to two days -- Monday and Tuesday -- in an effort to save energy and electricity. Local media reported that protests and looting broke out late on Tuesday in and around the capital, Caracas, and the country’s second largest city, Maracaibo, as people demonstrated against the blackouts and continued shortage of food and medicine. This came after Maduro had closed the entire country for five days during Easter holidays in March. But the bigger story here is that Venezuela's socialist government has badly mismanaged the electric grid for years. Since 2000, the country has failed to add enough electric capacity to satisfy soaring demand, making it incredibly vulnerable to disruptions at its existing dams. Venezuela has been enduring periodic blackouts and rationing ever since 2009 — and there's no sign things will improve anytime soon.

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