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Obama, take of your VR goggles.

It's like this clown exists in his own virtual reality or something.

Out of all the endless stupid nonsense he has been saying in his recent tour to Europe, this is by far the most idiotic and bat-shit craziest statement that this clown has had the audacity to spew in public. Seeing how all his speeches are written by his team of speech writers, for him to recite like the trained actor that he is, WTF were those guys smoking when they wrote this insane shit? Gee I don't know, maybe the fact that you have tens of millions of refugees, the biggest refugee problem since WW2, world wide terrorism destroying people's lives, and whole states imploding and descending into brutal civil war in Africa and the middle east and elsewhere on the globe, ,MAYBE, just MAYBE it means it's not so "peaceful" after all??? And if you think Obama is right, you need to get your head OUT of your ass and start seriously looking at the world, and not through rose colored MSM propaganda VR goggles, which keeps droning on how "great" and "wonderful" everything is, because what is going on today is just the prelude to an even worse future which is just waiting at the corner. Seriosuly, even Trump wouldn't have made such an idiotic statement. Source:


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