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Meet Judge Helen Andenaes Sekulic, the craziest person in Norway.

Seriously, how the hell has that retarded excuse for a judge not been relieved of her post and sent to a psychiatric examination?

Anders Breivik, The psychopathic mass murderer that massacred 77 people, many of whom were just kids on holiday, had very specific wants: a PlayStation 3 console for gaming, some comfortable couches to sit on and a doubling of his weekly prison allowance. “Other inmates have access to adult games while I only have the right to play less interesting kids games,” he said.“One example is Rayman Revolution, a game aimed at three year olds ... You’ve put me in hell ... and I won’t manage to survive that long.” The court upheld his claim that some of his treatment amounted to "inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment". In her ruling, judge Helen Andenaes Sekulic said the right not to be subjected to inhuman treatment represented "a fundamental value in a democratic society". Well, I I don't know about Norway, but a fundemetal value in a SANE society is to PUNISH those that commit atrocities, and no, giving them an outdated playstation does not constitute as "inhuman treatment" in a SANE society.

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