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Meanwhile in Brazil...

The issue of impeaching the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff for her connection to a corruption scandal that is rocking Brazil has divided Brazil, with millions of Brazilians taking to the streets in protest against and in favor of Dilma Rousseff and her party. Rousseff isn’t accused of stealing, but her opponents said she should be impeached because her administration allegedly tried to cover up budget gaps with money from government banks. She has denied any wrongdoing. She and her supporters repeatedly denounced the impeachment attempt as “a coup” tantamount to an interruption of Brazilian democracy, which was restored in 1985 after 21 years of military rule. The investigation into the scandal, "Operation Car Wash", has already led to the arrest of dozens of businessmen and politicians.Some of them are high-ranking members of Ms Rousseff's Workers' Party. Her mentor and former president Lula da Silva was also briefly detained by police for questioning. “Operation Carwash” was an enormous money laundering and bribery scheme involving state-run oil giant Petrobras. Many of Brazil’s leading businessmen and politicians have been implicated in the scandal already. The recent Panama Papers leak showed that law firm Mossack Fonseca was deeply tied to Brazil's current corruption scandal too.The law firm helped at least 57 people linked to Operation Car Wash set up 107 offshore companies. And if all of this isn't enough, Brazil is approaching its worst recession since 1901, a fact that is also blamed by the opposition on Dilma and on her mismanagement of the Brazilian economy.


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