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Putin's money laundered "putinophobic" $2bn.

The "Panama papers" documents show how Vladimir Putin used his inner circle friends, who became extremely rich in the process, to money launder and transfer money out from Russia, through the use of crony banks and unpaid loans, into off shore hidden accounts and unregistered shell companies. In one example the crony "Bank Rossiya", run by an old friend of Putin’s, gave a loan of $200 million to prominent Russian cellist Sergei Roldugin, a close friend of Putin for over 40 years and the godfather to one of his daughters. Rolduging recived the $200 million loan from Bank Russia, which he later repaid by transferring the sum total of one US dollar to the bank. This was just one instance where it was documented how Putin's network of secret offshore deals and vast loans basicly money laundered up to $2bn. Putin's response to these allegations was by introducing a new word, "Putinophobia", and blaming the USA/west/CIA/"The Guardian"/and whoever he could for daring to even bring up these documented accusations against him. Sources:

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