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Who bombed the Nordstream pipelines?

Who sabotaged/bombed the Nordstream pipeline? Seismologists recorded what they think were explosions before gas began pouring out of two Russia-to-Germany pipelines under the Baltic Sea.

It's unclear what caused the blasts but they are the result of "deliberate actions", according to Denmark's prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, and many other experts and world leaders. So the question remains, who would do it and why? There are only two countries who appear to benefit greatly from this, Russia and America, so let's examine why each of them would do it.

Why would Russia bomb Nordstream pipeline? Because of Gazprom. By bombing the pipelines Russia creates a “Force majeure” excuse (force of nature) for Gazprom, a state run company, not to deliver the gas it was contractually obliged to deliver to Europe. The consequences for Gazprom and Russia for breaching its contracts with many European states would have mean tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars in compensations if it ever wanted to do business with the EU again, which it probably will at some point in the future. Now both Putin and Gazprom have a convenient excuse as to why they're not supplying gas to Europe. Also a false flag attack on a Russian pipeline can serve the Kremlin by claiming Europe/NATO/US is now directly attacking Russian state assets, and could be justified in escalating the war in Ukraine and perhaps even outside it.

Putin and with the CEO of Gazprom Alexey Miller. Why would the USA bomb Nordstream pipeline? Because the US has repeatedly been against this pipeline for many years. For many years both President Trump and President Biden have made veiled threats against it. Taking it out means that Europe has little option now than to turn to the more expensive American gas/LNG products in order to satisfy its gas demands. Also by taking out the pipeline, America basically made sure that there is no way for European countries to turn back to Russian gas even if they wanted to. Of course there are other pipelines that can transport Russian gas to Europe, but Nordstream was the most direct and important of them all. And what better time to do it when the gas flows to Europe have all but stopped and public opinion in the West is extremely against Putin.

So who really did it? Who bombed the Norstream pipelines? The truth is that we may never know.

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Dec 17, 2022

Isn't it also possible that the UKRAINE bombed it? They get exclusive pipelines to EU if they manage to hold out the war for some time, they can place the blame on either the US or RUSSIA, sparking more antagonism between the two powers, fueling ukraine with arms


Oct 04, 2022

😓US did it, it's a no brainer.


Sep 29, 2022

US has absolutely no reasons or interests in sabotaging Nordstrom:

1) US has sufficient energy resources at home but it still import gas and oil from other countries. This is because, extracting oil and gas in America is very expensive, takes a long time due to strict laws an the environmental assessments, there is enormous opposition in America to drilling and pipe lines from environmentalists and Native people alike. The planned pipe line from Canada (Alberta) to US has been cancelled. In order to get off Russian fuel, EU is looking for a cheaper source of energy and/or from countries that are closer geographically e.g. Scandinavian countries. US is unlikely to financially benefit a lot from EU energy crisis.


Oct 20, 2022
Replying to

2. "Both US and Canada need EU partners to be strong to support the war effort in Ukraine."

Yeah, sure, the US definitely needs a strong EU so they can have another competitor besides China ..

"... relies on continued EU support to help Ukraine win the war and safeguard democracy in the world."

Do you ACTUALLY believe this is about democracy?!

4. "Targetting Nordstrom is very harmful environmentally and economically. Only Russia has shown such gross irresponsibility ...". Right, and spraying pesticides over Vietnam was very responsible.

Get real ...


Sep 29, 2022

It was eels!


Sep 29, 2022

It was done by Puerto Rico


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