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Sting criticises Poland's democracy after performing in Russian oligarch's wedding

The problem with celebrities is that people take them seriously. Take Sting for example. A few days ago Sting was in performing in Warsaw. He interrupted the concert and started telling his audience how ‘democracy is being destroyed’ in Poland and how they have to ‘fight to save it’! All that based on the Polish oppositions’ complaints to the EU commission that the current Polish government’s court reforms are undemocratic. In reality they are similar to those in Austria, and to the way supreme court judges are appointed in the US, and certainly more democratic than the rules for appointing judges by politicians in Germany (where politicians can also become judges and then go back to being politicians), but EU happily obliged and sanctioned Poland, the only country thus treated by EU other than… Russia.

But never mind that Sting couldn’t find any of these for himself before appeared on stage with an actor famous for hysterical and rather unpalatable hatred of his own country (a stance ever so fashionable anywhere these days).

What’s actually more interesting is that Sting never warns about “threat to democracy” when he tours in other European countries, like France, where the president has a very “democratic” habit of shooting people who dare to protest against him in the face and having his personal bodyguard beat them up, or in Canada where the Prime Minister very democratically freezes the bank accounts of people who defy his “mandates”. Sting also has no problem with the complete lack of “democracy” in EU institutions like the European Commission, the body that is de facto Europe's government. The thing is that this “champion of democracy” is the same Sting who performed in Russian Oligarchs private events. Oligarchs like Mikail Gutseriev who is very close with known democrats like Vladimir Putin and Belorussian dictator Lukashenko. He is not the only one of course.

Sting and Mikail Gutseriev's son at his wedding in 2016 Many American celebrities, like Jennifer Lopes, who spent 4 years screeching to no end about the “dangers to democracy” while Trump was in office, was more than happy to perform private events and support close friends of totalitarian leaders in Russia when the right sum was agreed on.

If celebrities like Sting, Jlo and others were serious about “protecting democracy”, they would preach to people about it in Minsk or Moscow, not in Warsaw. That’s like fighting for about democracy in cool bar in LA (but way nicer and safer). What's more, half of Hollywood, who also excel at preaching to others about “democracy", flew to St Petersburg, Russia in 2010, to appear in an event that was organized by Vladimir Putin, where they cheered him and gave him a standing ovation. The same Putin who conquered Chechnya and who also invaded Georgia just two years before, in 2008.

But of course preaching democracy to tyrants would be hard, and maybe even dangerous. So why bother when you can just virtue signal about “democracy” AND get paid tens of millions of Rubles by Putin's and Lukashenko's oligarchs at the same time?

Hollywood celebreties cheering and clapping Putin's singing in 2010 in Russia.

Naturally, performing for oligarchs for cash when you’re worth half a billion dollars takes a special kind of anti-democratic tyranny supporter, but never mind greedy, hypocritical celebs. It’s the people who mindlessly worship them and listen to them that are the real democracy haters, often actually hoping that Putin or Chinese will ‘save them’ from their post-democracies they have themselves by now all but destroyed.

Please for once don’t post without reading around, thinking about it for a while, asking yourself how much do YOU really know about democracy. Do you genuinely have something to contribute or do you just want to type to kill time because you’re bored with your job and sound cool at the same time?

Oh, and preaching to the Poles about democracy, which had the first democratic elections in history since ancient Greece in 1573, is like teaching Italian in Rome while you’re English.

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