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Despite the CCP's gaslighting, Coronavirus/Covid19 was made in China

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

In recent weeks the Chinese Communist Party has launched a disinformation campaign through its paid propaganda outlets and shills and the useful idiots who will question anything coming from western sources but will believe anything coming from totalitarian regimes, about how Corona virus came not from China, but from the US. The CCP has even gone as far as to claim that anyone who blames China for Coronavirus is “racist” and a “xenophobe” who is “encouraging violence” against Chinese people and Asians in general. This insidious piece of agitprop was picked up most enthusiastically by both western media, US and European politicans and celebrities, who repeat, word for word, what the CCP prints in its propaganda outlets (such as the Global Times, or China Daily) and thus help amplify the CCP's global disinformation campaign. The problem is that the facts, yes those still exist, clearly point that the virus came from China, not from the USA, Europe or the moon.


The biggest and most basic fact being that the virus was discovered in China already as early as November 2019, and that the CCP knew about it but instead of alerting the world and dealing with it, they destroyed all evidence of it, arrested the doctors and people who tried to warn them and the world, and carried on, until the virus blew up in their faces. Here's a brief timeline of events : November 17: A 55-year-old individual from Hubei province in China was probably the first person to have contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus spreading across the globe. Dec. 27: Wuhan health officials are told that a new coronavirus is causing the illness. Dec. 30:

Ai Fen, a top director at Wuhan Central Hospital, posts information on WeChat about the new virus. She was reprimanded for doing so and told not to spread information about it.

Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang also shares information on WeChat about the new SARS-like virus. He is called in for questioning shortly afterward.

Wuhan health commission notifies hospitals of a “pneumonia of unclear cause” and orders them to report any related information.

Dec. 31: Wuhan health officials confirm 27 cases of illness and close a market they think is related to the virus' spread.

China tells the World Health Organization’s China office about the cases of an unknown illness.

Jan. 1: Wuhan Public Security Bureau brings in for questioning eight doctors who had posted information about the illness on WeChat.

An official at the Hubei Provincial Health Commission orders labs, which had already determined that the novel virus was similar to SARS, to stop testing samples and to destroy existing samples. Jan. 13: First coronavirus case reported in Thailand, the first known case outside China. Jan. 14: The WHO tweets that the virus is not transmitted H2H, and that there's nothing to worry about really, based on a CCP report.

Jan. 15: The patient who becomes the first confirmed U.S. case leaves Wuhan and arrives in the U.S., carrying the coronavirus. Jan. 21:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms the first coronavirus case in the United States.

CCP flagship newspaper People’s Daily mentions the coronavirus epidemic and Xi's actions to fight it for the first time.


Here's a good example of how CCP propaganda outlets switch their narrative according what Beijing tells them is reality now. Doctor Li Wenliang was one of the few brave doctors and medical staff that tried to warn the country about Coronavirus already in December. He was bullied and silenced by the authorities and threatened with arrest while 8 other people who raised the alarm about the new virus were arrested for spreading "false rumors". However when he contracted the virus himself and died two months later he and the people who were arrested earlier and treated like enemies of the state were hailed as "whistleblowers" and heroes by the same propaganda outlets which decreed them as criminals the previous month.

Almost three months after patient zero was discovered in Whuan China, did the CCP fully acknowledged the existence of the virus, which had by then already travlled to outside China and infected the world. China has a history of mishandling outbreaks, including SARS in 2002 and 2003. But Chinese leaders’ negligence in December and January—for well over a month after the first outbreak in Wuhan—far surpasses those bungled responses. The blame for this global pandemic lays squarely on the shoulders of the Chinese Communist Party, which is now doing all it can to rewrite the narrative of how this virus came into the world and portray itself not as the perpetrator but as the hero of the story.


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